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Insiders said, compressive and flexural strength sidewalk traffic can only meet people, but on the sidewalk often see electric bikes and even vehicles in the above passage, far beyond the capacity of the brick sidewalk. Typically, many new real estate area, restaurants and sidewalk christian louboutin sale uk entrance wide area development and the situation needs to carry goods through regional sidewalk, there damaged.

Most of the beauty of women wearing high heels, although it could have brought a number of health risks. Recently, the United States, "Women's Health" magazine website according to the findings of the spine-related experts, changes in inventory of the five christian louboutin outlet uk women in high heels occur after take off, these changes may make you never want to wear high heels.

The legs will gradually become longer. A 2012 study published in the "Journal of Applied Physiology," the show: not only used to wear high heels to walk a shorter stride, and its shorter calf muscles. This is because when walking on tiptoe, heel will spend more christian louboutin shoes uk time on the ankle, calf muscles had little time to naturally extend the entire length. Stretching exercises and wear flat shoes and so on strong support, calf muscles can help restore the original length.

Back feel comfortable. New York City chiropractor christian louboutin stores uk said: wear high heels will increase the pressure on the lumbar region of the spine, also causing muscles tense. Some women wear high heels would even lumbar spondylolisthesis, leading to nerve damage and pain. After take off the high heels, the spine will slowly return to its proper position, reducing back pressure, the pain can be alleviated.

Heel pain gradually improved. Wearing high heels can cause shortened Achilles tendon. Fellow of the American Association of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Krista Akei think: When you suddenly to wear flat heels, foot position will be restored to a right angle too tight tendon before christian louboutin shops ukĀ  applying pressure. Of plantar fasciitis patients, thick ligament tissue connecting the heel and between the toes become inflamed, increased heel pain. But after a few weeks to restore wear flat heels, tendons will return to normal length, heel pain subsides, your feet will feel light a lot.