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Li Qing relevant staff Simaqiao street, "said real estate near the road is being built, the road christian louboutin clearance damage is caused due to the heavy vehicle rolling, will establish diplomatic relations to Jinniu Bureau to reflect the situation as soon as possible and repair."

To shop from Ash Road intersection to Los direction, many parts of the rugged, Blind area on the sidewalk width of two meters have many potholes. A little further, you will find sidewalk pavement appeared in the case of fracturing, "biscuit crumbs" The christian louboutin clearance online situation is particularly evident. Reporters carefully inspected, about 800 meters on the sidewalk, severely damaged road about seven, and some even floor tiles are gone, exposing bare soil surface.

Nearby residents and traders introduction, this section sidewalk pavement severely damaged at least three months, Chenghua Mannenba street person in charge of Urban Management Division christian louboutin sale clearance website said street to the higher authorities have repeatedly reflected, but a short time can not be completely resolved within the estimate, "this section being repaired subway and elevated, as well as real estate under construction nearby, so the traffic pressure is very large, car and more time will be open to the electric bicycle on the sidewalk, it is estimated to be completed, etc. These After the higher authorities to complete rectification. "

Sidewalks uneven road surface, cracks even be pressed into appalling "biscuit crumbs," these are different degrees of damage and non-pedestrians are inseparable. According to insiders, the introduction of long-term responsible for road maintenance, in accordance with christian louboutin sale clearance sidewalk in Chengdu "Chengdu sidewalk construction

Technical Guidelines" construction, which were for compressive and flexural strength sidewalk has a clearly defined, generally only meet people line if machine EMU and electric bicycle traffic, then it is likely to cause damage to the brick sidewalk. According to christian louboutin clearance outlet the Road Act, and non-motorized vehicles can not pass on the sidewalk.